Proven and Effective Online Marketing Technologies !

AdEffie IQ has been tested 1,333,251,882 times !

AdEffie IQ has produced 958,298 clicks !!

AdEffie IQ has generated directly 288,001.19 euros !!!

( plus close to 100,000 euros in consulting etc  fees )

… and to be honest – since we got a little bit tired to improve the euro lift by few tenths of a percentage point at a time whilst optimizing banners for 4.4 million unique Finns over 500.000 sites and taking into account dynamic set of 350.000 – 400.000 semantic and behavioral granuals based on multiple algorithms and over 3500 attributes followed and analyzed for each impression ) 🙂 –

…  we have decided to close down our own display ad ( = banner ad ) network in Finland and look for new uses for the technologies developed, such as :

AdEffie IQ – proven to generate you an average of 2.2 times more euros from display ad’s than your out-of-the-box “optimizer” ( even with poor campaigns and poor inventories )

AdEffie Camomilla – a very quick semantic content analyzer able to make 1000’s of decisions in a second

AdEffie Jasmine – proven to prioritize and run multitude of threading jobs at 1 / 10th of the cost of your typical SaaS setup ( and You can double the capacity by adding roughly 10% in costs – pretty nice scaling, ehh? )

… and then some …

Thus, if you are interested in Better, Easier and Cheaper  tool(s) and technologies for  online marketing uses – please contact me: 


Jari Torvelainen, CEO & Partner

+358-40-555 5553

P.S. Yes, we do put our money where our mouth is – you can buy service from us on performance basis … also for the purpose of lifting your ad inventory monetization
( i.e. make your website, blog, ad network, publisher, … to produce more money for you ! )

P.P.S. If you start to talk too much tech – I will put you in contact with our CTO Joni Seeste, who has worked with these technologies 15 years – he is our “shadow behind the machine”, sometimes literally

CTO embossed

One thought on “Proven and Effective Online Marketing Technologies !

  1. Got an email question from Alejandro:

    Q: “Thanks Jari. I understand that you have technology that helps monetization and ROI but it doesn’t say anything about what you actually do. Is it a buying platform? is it an adserver? How does it work in terms of daily operations?”

    A: Good Question – and poor communication on our side – Apologies for that!

    AdEffie IQ is offered either ( i ) as such for display ad and inventory management and optimization on System as a Service basis ( AdEffie IQ SaaS ). It can be used via any browsers, mobiles included OR ( ii ) as back-end module that is integrated to customer’s front-end system ( AdEffie IQ Engine ). The integration could be to customers ad server, real time bidding, webstore, emailing, or almost any other front end system that can provide feed back to a back-end optimizer module.

    — that was the short answer – a more detailed one below —

    ( i ) AdEffie IQ SaaS is basically an easy to use, browser based comprehensive ad and inventory management solution. It provides all ad and inventory management tools and integration that Open-X has… and then some.

    [ FYI: Last time we checked, Open-X was by far the most widely used ad management platform with over 500.000 installations out. Open-X also provides basic ecpm optimization and integration to many ad exchanges, ad platforms, etc. If you are happy with those standard Open-X features and tools, you can set it up for yourself. Just be ready to invest in management of the system, security, capacity, etc. …and don’t expect to get the top dollars for your inventory, either. ]

    AdEffie IQ SaaS can easily communicate with most inventory management, ad exchange, and bidding systems and platforms used by ad networks, ad exhanges, publishers, etc.

    AdEffie IQ SaaS will probably cover all ad management needs a small or medium volume publisher or ad inventory holder ( up to volumes of few tens of millions ad impressions per day ) can hope for.

    AdEffie IQ SaaS can also easily be tested:
    1. the tester provides the inventory they have and sets it up with tools provided ( basically using tags that request ad impressions );
    2. the tester sets up and runs their campaigns with standard Open-X tools ( loading creatives up to the system or calling them from ad agencies with tags );
    … a small scale test ( up to volumes of few tens of millions ad impressions per day ) can be set up in hours with our help

    ( ii ) AdEffie IQ Engine is an integrated back-end module that can be used for any purpose where a selection of content and browser’s favorable reaction to content can be improved based on observed behaviours and interests.
    AdEffie IQ Engine uses internally RTB type mechanism, so integration to any RTB bidding ad exhange or similar system is very easy in our end.

    In addition, some other uses have been:
    – integration to customer web store promotion engine to help the web store provide critical first promotion displays that immediately engage even first time visitors in order to lower the amount of “immediate exit”‘.
    – integration to customer own crm database in order to bid significantly more for ad impressions to end-customers that AdEffie IQ Engine decides are worth it, a decision that takes into account the actual observed web behavioral segments links to profitability reported in crm database.

    Naturally, the cost of integration work needs to be covered. Thereafter the AdEffie IQ Engine works in the background and customer uses their current systems and tools plus maybe some added features their current system has not supported, such as “value of customer belonging to segments A, B, C … as defined in CRM”.

    < Wheww! - that was probably much more than you asked for ... AND i hope we missed only 95% of what else you were requesting to know, but please feel free to ask more specifics in that case ! >

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